Linh Ho Family

Linh Ho has some cool ideas, some bigger and some smaller, some realized and some still just dreams.

One was to create an app to connect kitchen-challenged people like herself with talented home chefs. That vision became a reality in 2015 with her creation and launch of Omnummy. The name was inspired by Cookie Monster’s catch phrase “om num num” and is, as Ho describes it, “Etsy meets Yelp to find local home cooks and home bakers.” Ho has used Omnummy to purchase a wedding cake and a made-to-order Hot Wheels cake for one of her kids.

Another wish is more aspirational. Ho, who is a co-founder and newly appointed chief marketing officer at conDati, has made promoting women and diversity in the workplace a personal priority. She’s one of three female founders at conDati, a California-based company that uses AI and machine learning to boost digital marketing performance. And she’s active with Seattle’s Female Founders Alliance, an effort to boost women entrepreneurs and leaders.

“Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to call out female or diverse leaders? Wouldn’t it be great if we could refer to them simply as ‘leaders’? The reality is, we’re not there yet,” Ho said. “That is why this is so important to me.”

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