AI-Powered Automation of Digital Marketing

conDati’s industry-leading technology in the automation of digital marketing performance optimization, diagnosis, and prediction processes.

Secure, Fast, and High-Performing

conDati digital marketing automation is developed on industry-leading technology in data science, data visualization, data warehousing, and data security.

conDati Hub

Unlimited data, on-demand

Inputs from standalone siloed systems are stored in customer-specific data warehouses with rapid response times.

conDati Workbench

Proven algorithms

The conDati Workbench employs the best of machine learning and data science to effectively crunch and display data.

conDati Analytics

Recommended Actions

conDati Data Navigation uses business specific goals and a rules-engine to make recommendations to improve profitability.

How It Works


Optimize, diagnose, and predict

conDati provides digital marketing leaders and practitioners with cloud-based digital marketing workflow automation that delivers diagnosis and optimization recommendations to improve performance.

  • Deep Insights: By combining and synchronizing data from multiple sources at granular levels, conDati reveals hidden relationships and correlations, and enables direct comparisons among campaigns, against goals, and over time.
  • Alerts: Be alerted immediately to issues that are impacting profitability. Go right to the root cause in seconds. Know when tracking is broken, if there is a surge in spend and why, or if there is a sudden drop in performance and why.
  • Recommendations: With digital marketing expertise built-in, the conDati Data Navigation Engine provides marketers with recommended actions to quickly mitigate wasted spend and grow areas driving profitability.
conDati Analytics
conDati Workbench


Where data meets machines

The conDati Workbench is the suite of data management and software development tools that we use to integrate and analyze large data volumes from multiple systems. Workbench is our internal toolkit to create advanced marketing analyses based on curated best-practices data science.

  • Data Management: Retrieving and combining data from your most important marketing systems. APIs supported include Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Microsoft Ads, Linkedin, Shopify, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more.
  • Software: conDati uses the most current and powerful open source development tools to create robust, secure, and maintainable applications, workflow automation, and visualizations.
  • Data Science: Machine learning algorithms, statistics, and analytic approaches applied to different problems in marketing, including synchronization, correlation, prediction, probability, and optimization.


“All the Data” means “All the Data.”

conDati stores data in customer-specific cloud-based data warehouses leveraging award-winning Snowflake technology. This allows conDati to deliver complex workflow automation using big data, at scale, with high-performance and security. 

  • Scale: conDati can collect, transform, and store your data right down to the lowest level of granularity and over a significant time period. We don’t need to limit the size of the database, or resort to statistical sampling.
  • Performance: conDati architecture is built for performance to provide marketers with timely data-driven recommendations — pre-built data pipelines, integrated time-series data model, secure storage, data navigation.
  • Security:The data from every conDati client is held in its own self-contained Docker instance. Snowflake and the underlying AWS services add best-in-class practices in physical and cybersecurity.
conDati Hub



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