Modern marketers will make smarter bets in 2018

Hoping to Leapfrog the  Competition by Connecting Siloed Data and Implementing Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics The typical large enterprise uses 90 or more  marketing and analytics tools, while SMBs and Mid-Market companies employ between 10 and 25 martech tools to manage marketing operations and drive revenue.  That’s a lot of systems for any company to manage. The results are  dreaded data silos, which at best  provide partial insights,  and in the worst case  overlook…


Getting to Know Julia [Language] over the Summer

Meet Josh Papermaster, University of Texas, Austin What was the technical highlight or accomplishment you're most proud of from this internship? The accomplishment I’m most proud of is the logic that went into the function to format DataFrames. There were many tricky conversions between strings and integers. When numbers are a certain size, Julia Language automatically turns it into scientific notation. I had to reverse this by converting it to a string, manipulating it; and then from there,…


Top 5 “Must-Have” Categories for your MarTech Stack Tool Chest

In 2011, the inaugural MarTech Stack Landscape identified about 150 companies servicing marketers. Even then, one would have expected all those vendors to consolidate as the industry grew and matured. Instead, the martech landscape has fractured into 50 or more categories, populated by more than 5,000 vendors, fully half of which are brand-new venture-backed start-ups. Every marketer now needs to evaluate hundreds of tools, representing every new approach to customer acquisition, to find those few…

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