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Drive More Revenue with Less Spend

conDati delivers operational insights and recommendations to help you allocate your scarce resources for greatest ROI —across all your platforms, channels, & campaigns.

Illuminate Blindspots in Digital Marketing

Illuminate Your Marketing Blindspots

You have 15 (or more!) martech trackers on your website. You run dozens of simultaneous campaigns for multiple products, across multiple ad platforms, channels, and email.

  • What works best?
  • If you shift budget from here to there, what will happen?
  • Will you make your revenue targets? If not, can you react in time?

conDati delivers operational insights and recommendations to help you allocate your scarce resources for greatest ROI — across all your platforms, channels, & campaigns.

Do you know?

Are You Spending Too Much on PPC?

Ads can over-saturate a market:
This $50M advertiser reduced spending on a particular high-priced ad group by more than 40% — and kept more than 90% of their conversions.

YTD Ad Costs
Average Conversion Rate by Day and Hour

How Much Difference a Few Hours Make?

Time of day can change conversion rates by a point or more. Do you know the best time of day and day of week to bid — based on your data?

How Are All Your Campaigns Performing, Across All Platforms?

You can sign into a dozen different dashboards, but who has the time? And how do you compare them? Or, you can sign into conDati to see your complete and current performance, in one window, as it happens.

YTD Marketing Activity


Get more from your digital campaigns


“Hindsight to Foresight: How Modern Analytics Can Improve Your Marketing ROI”


“How Marketing is Embracing Digital Disruption,” A Best Practice Guide

John Miller, CTO, Discount Dance Supply


IR500 Retailer Discount Dance Supply Describes conDati’s Business Impact


Why conDati for e-Commerce?

Forecast Revenue

Forecast Revenue

Know the performance outcomes of your active campaigns … in time to change them.

Optimize Budgets

Optimize Budgets

Shift campaign budgets from low-yield to high-yield across platforms and channels.

Make Timely Decisons

Make Timely Decisions

See how today’s campaigns are performing — today, not tomorrow.

Increase Conversions

Increase Conversions

Identify the best times to place your ads and best targets to send your emails.

Improve PPC Performance

Improve PPC Performance

Save budget on over-saturated terms and over-competitive platforms without losing conversions.

Fine Tune at Any Level of Detail

Fine-Tune at Any Level of Detail

Tweak your spending by campaign, channel, platform, product, ad group and ad word.


“We advertise on 10 different platforms. conDati provides a central resource so that we can easily see what’s going on, and react quickly. conDati has changed our business.”

John Miller, Discount Dance Supply
IR500 Retailer

conDati Delivers in Days

No IT, no consulting, no user fees. Loading your data takes a few hours; powerful visualizations appear in your browser in 1-2 days. Complete, current and correct results, predictions and recommendations, based on all your most important martech systems, available to your whole team. Monthly subscription starts at $3,500.

How conDati Works

Ready to increase revenue AND decrease costs?

Half of all advertising is wasted — conDati can help you deploy your scarce budget for best results. Give us one week to prove it.

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