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conDati delivers purpose-built analytics to understand, predict, and improve Marketing’s business results.

Machine Learning for Marketing

Marketing organizations have been limited to evaluating results and ROI through siloed data, one system at a time. conDati uses real-time analytics to create forecast models and provide recommendations for your marketing team’s best next actions to optimize revenue.

Real-time Insights

Automated Reporting & Analytics

Accurate, real-time visibility to optimize marketing campaigns and strategies.

Improve Marketing Performance

Forecasting & Revenue Optimization

Leave the magic 8-ball to us. conDati combines results and machine learning to provide accurate suggestions to increase success in campaigns as well as predict revenue.

Integrate and Predict

Data Visualization, Simplified

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and confusing reporting platforms. conDati offers a simplified dashboard to generate reporting and analytics that are easy to use, understand and generate.

conDati Analytics for Marketing

conDati Daily Analytics Report


What’s happening, right now!

  • View activities and results of any online activity, including campaigns, digital advertising, and website traffic – by the day, hour, minute, or second.
  • Set alerts for unusual activity, whether good or bad and act quickly within campaigns.
  • Generate integrated activity and revenue reports instantly, instead of taking hours or days to manually combine data from different systems.


What happened, and why?

  • Data combined from Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, and elsewhere shows what really caused changes in business results.
  • Drill into underlying data to reveal causation and correlation.
  • Determine, visualize and articulate what marketing contributed to business results, how it influenced sales and calculate the ROI of campaigns and strategies.
conDati Heatmap Drill-Down to See Details
conDati Quarterly Forecasting Dashboard


What will happen, or should?

  • Predict future results in revenue, transactions, traffic, and other metrics.
  • Assess likely impact of campaigns, promotions, launches, and events outside of Marketing.
  • Build the best-case scenario for allocating marketing resources and investment to generate the greatest ROI for the business.

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Discount Dance Supply Uses conDati to Detect & React to Anomalies Before They Become Problems

Real-time analytics from conDati help Discount Dance Supply improve performance of marketing campaigns and take rapid actions in inventory management and website availability.

Solution Report Discount Dance Supply Sets Holiday Revenue Record


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