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conDati delivers purpose-built analytics to understand, predict, and improve Marketing’s business results.

Big Data Science for Marketing

Marketing organizations have been limited to evaluating activity results from one system at a time, and making best-guess responses. conDati rolls up current and future business results across multiple systems, and calculates your best next actions.

Real-time Insights

No more guesswork

Complete real-time visibility and ability to predict future outcomes and optimize marketing resource allocation.

Improve Marketing Performance

Integrated information

Millions of data points from separate systems collected into a single system and synchronized for analysis.

Integrate and Predict

Data without limits

Incorporate data streams from your most important systems in Marketing and elsewhere, without limits on scale or time.

conDati Analytics for Marketing

Real-time Visibility Marketing Chart


What’s happening, right now!

  • View activities and results of any online activity, including campaigns, digital advertising, and website traffic – by the day, hour, minute, or second.
  • Set alerts for unusual activity, either good or bad.
  • Generate integrated activity and revenue reports instantly, instead of taking hours or days to manually combine data from different systems.


What happened, and why?

  • Data combined from Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, and elsewhere shows what really caused changes in business results.
  • Drill into underlying data to reveal causation and correlation.
  • Determine, display, and share what Marketing contributed to business results, and how, and calculate ROI: for individual campaigns and activities, or for Marketing as a whole.



What will happen, or should?

  • Predict future results in revenue, transactions, traffic, and other metrics.
  • Assess likely impact of campaigns, promotions, launches, and events outside of Marketing.
  • Build the best-case scenario for allocating Marketing resources and investment to generate the greatest ROI for the business.
Pepperdine University

“Right now, it’s a cumbersome manual process to roll up the different data sets, and even then we can only see results one slice at a time. With conDati, we will be able to view and compare the success of all the different marketing activities across all five schools. And we’ll be able to see it whenever we want.”

Associate VP for Integrated Marketing & Communications
Pepperdine University

Do you need to roll-up marketing data across multiple business units or websites?

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