conDati RevenueLift™ Feature:

Journey Attribution

Budget Allocation by Channel

Algorithm Driven Cross-Channel Attribution

Algorithmic, non-heuristic approach to attribution modeling for a non-biased view across channels and touch points. This helps marketers understand the most valuable touch points (not only the last touch), the next best action for engagement, and patterns detection that leads to conversions.

  • Provides a simple way to understand the 80/20 rule on cross-channel and multi-touch attribution
  • Gives an unbiased view by leveraging advanced data science modeling of conversion paths (non-heuristic, non-linear and not based on last touch)
  • Detects patterns for successful and unsuccessful conversions at scale
  • Filter journeys by audience segment e.g. loyal vs new customers
  • Compare attribution models (Markov, uniform, last click, first click)
  • Customizable and scalable nodes which are highly scalable for content and engagement journeys

Consumer journey paths can be messy.
Interpreting them shouldn’t be.

We take an accurate, non-biased approach to attribution using a network model to assign conversion, revenue and cost values to touch points along the buyer journey. Both direct and indirect impact on conversions are taken into account.

Journey Attribution


Budget reallocation changes are then recommended in an easy to interpret format.

Ad spend reallocation by channel

Recommendations can also be applied at the campaign level to drive further revenue lift.

Ad spend reallocation by campaign

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Pepperdine University

Right now, it’s a cumbersome manual process to roll up the different data sets, and even then we can only see results one slice at a time. With conDati, we will be able to view and compare the success of all the different marketing activities across all five schools. And we’ll be able to see it whenever we want

Matthew Midura
Associate VP for Integrated Marketing & Communications

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