conDati RevenueLift™

An AI platform engineered for marketers to drive YoY brand engagement and revenue lift up to 50%.

conDati RevenueLift

Helping marketers every step of the way.

From budgeting to measurement, conDati RevenueLift™ makes applying AI to marketing a breeze to maximize marketing contribution. The conDati platform helps marketers gain a unified view of campaign performance in real-time, increases conversions and improves operational efficiencies through deeper insights, foresights and recommendations.

Set the Right Campaign Budgets

Campaign BudgetsConfidently allocate budgets with AI-driven investment recommendations based on anticipated ROI and unbiased attribution methods. Tackle it from a channel or campaign spend perspective – AI helps with it all.


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Optimize Ad Bids at Scale

Bid OptimizationMaximize ROAS using sophisticated multi-step optimization algorithms to create bidding strategies for search and social campaigns. Optimize campaigns at scale, and save time uploading and adjusting bids.

conDati customers are seeing YoY revenue lift of up to 50%


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Look Forward Using Forecasting

Revenue Forecasting and Alerting

Plan marketing activities with a view into what is going to happen aligned to the seasonality of your business. Regularly updated revenue and engagement forecasts trigger alerts when anomalies are detected.


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Segment and Score Audiences

Propensity ScoringBuild CRM audience segments based on predictive analytics. Assigning propensity scores to align focus on visitors, leads, or customers most likely to take a specific action such as become a customer or churn.


  • Correlation Study
  • Segmentation
  • Propensity Scoring

View Business Health at a Glance

Business Overview Funnel

Quickly assess cross-channel marketing performance and full funnel KPI health all in one place. A single dashboard covering metrics from paid and organic media through to revenue, with drill-down capability.


  • Performance Summary

Accurate analyses start with unified, clean data

conDati RevenueLift AI-driven marketing platform allows you to collect and blend audience, campaign and content data into a unified data asset. This removes channel bias from reporting and helps you more easily identify campaign tracking issues.

Aggregate Data

Break Down Marketing Data Silos

Eliminate the need for data wrangling and manual reporting in spreadsheets by bringing together revenue, cost and conversion data from your marketing systems into a single unified data asset.

Companies using conDati can reduce 30-80% of time spent on data tasks

Validate Facebook Tracking Data

Validate Tracking Data

Scan UTM tagging data to ensure that all URL tags are set up correctly for Google Analytics. Identify and fix missing or mismatched tracking code for more complete and accurate analysis.



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