PPC Optimizations Prioritized by Financial Impact

With Quant Marketer, you’ll be confident you are spending time on paid search optimizations that will drive performance lift.

Happy Digital Marketer Using Condati Quant Marketer
Happy Digital Marketer Using Condati Quant Marketer

Feel overwhelmed by PPC optimization possibilities? Wish you knew which would have the biggest impact?

Condati Quant Marketer prescriptive analytics engine identifies the health of your paid search campaigns and through continuous intelligence shows you what action to take to improve them and in what order you should tackle them based on highest to lowest financial impact. Quant Marketer doesn’t stop at the campaign level but evaluates, provides directives, and prioritization at every level of campaign hierarchy, right down to search terms. Know what to do when to get to more revenue sooner.


Prioritize Optimization Efforts

Start your day knowing exactly what you should be focusing on with Quant Marketer’s High Priority Action List view. Your ‘to-dos’ are filtered to what matters most today and prioritized by financial impact.

High Priority Action List
Quant Marketer - Oversee: Financial Performance of Your Campaigns


Know Your Potential Upside

Understand how your overall ‘weak spend’ from underperforming keywords is impacting revenue potential, and watch the percent of ‘strong revenue’ grow as you optimize campaigns.


Do a Quick Health Check

Monitor the health of your Google and Bing search campaigns at a glance, with side-by-side comparisons and color-coded directives at every level of hierarchy — campaign, ad group, keyword, and search term.

Quant Marketer - Monitor and Compare Campaign Performance
Quant Marketer - Inspect and Analyze Campaign Metrics


Get Optimization Directives

Click on a campaign, ad group, or keyword to get detailed optimization alerts, actions, and indicators — and to inspect KPIs, trends, targeting, and competitive information.


Eliminate Poor Performers

Easily tackle poor performers Quant Marketer has identified to PAUSE or add as NEGATIVE keywords (with seasonality accounted for!). Select all or select by highest ‘Priority’ and upload to your ad accounts.

Eliminate Weak Keywords

Want to see Quant Marketer for Paid Search in action?

Quant Marketer speeds up and focuses optimization efforts across your PPC campaigns, down to keywords and search terms, to help you fully realize revenue potential.