Data Unification

The conDati way — We transform the data to be workflow-ready and provide the secure data warehouse too.

Pre-Built Data Pipelines Constantly Feed Your Data into the conDati Transformation Engine

Spend less time data wrangling and more time executing on your vision

With data pouring out of ad platforms, websites, ecommerce platforms and CRM applications, most digital marketing teams spend 80% of their data analysis resources wrangling their data for use, and less than 20% finding insights, especially as both the amount of data and the number of data sources increase. And without expertise in data engineering, as well as deep, current knowledge of each data source and their associated nuances, there is little hope of getting a full and timely picture of your digital marketing spend. conDati’s Transformation Engine goes far beyond simple data integration, by regularly and intelligently pulling data from each source, then transforming it into a unified time-series data model stored within a customer-specific data warehouse. This automation includes handling challenges that are unique to each data source such as aligning customized fields and implementations with other sources, navigating data quotas, handling retries from “socket timeouts” and “service unavailable”, and dealing with multiple APIs and schemas per source, to name just a few. conDati customers get a current, performant, workflow-ready, integrated time-series data model.

Consistent, Dependable and Complete Data

conDati’s high-performance pre-built data pipelines are built for efficiency and combat the bottlenecks and latency commonly found in analytics and reporting processes. They are set up to ingest your marketing and sales data regularly and securely from all sources—ad, web analytics, CRM, ecommerce, .csv and more.


Ease of Implementation

conDati sets up data pipelines to ingest all required data from all sources daily. You can be up and running in a short amount of time, with very little effort and no data engineering expertise on your part.



conDati pulls data on a regular basis, intelligently backfilling standard and custom objects and fields, as needed and accessing the data via multiple APIs, as needed, to enable full data unification.



conDati data pipelines are built for reliable automated operation; leveraging self-healing connections and continuous handling of operational data-side extraction issues such as “service unavailable” retries.

Workflow-Ready Data, All the Time

conDati’s unique Transformation Engine regularly and automatically wrangles incoming sales and marketing events ingested from many different data pipelines into a single, consistent time series database that is optimal for analytics and prediction. Data science teams can often spend 80% of their resources on this step alone.

Transformation Engine


conDati automates the error-prone process of transforming data into a single, consistent schema for analysis. Our long-term experience across a broad set of data sources delivers unification that “just works”.

Optimized Structure

Optimized Structure

conDati creates an integrated time series data model that flows workflow-ready data into its Data Navigation Engine to deliver optimization and diagnosis recommendations as well as performance predictions.


Data Operations Support

Since incoming data schemas can be subject to change, conDati’s SaaS delivery includes ongoing operation services and support to ensure consistent data flow, transformation fidelity and data warehouse integrity.

Say Goodbye to Data Wrangling

And hello to data automation. Now you have more time to execute your vision.