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Ecommerce, B2B, and higher education marketers can now predict, diagnose, and optimize using conDati.

Funnel Summary Showing KPIs for Blended Data Sources Giving Complete 360 View

Know the “what” and “why” and get concrete, recommended actions to optimize for best performance.

With the speed of change expected to continue, the need has never been greater to have answers at your fingertips to enable swift decision-making. If your marketing team is looking to track campaign and sales performance in one place and tie it all together with recommendations for action to improve performance, conDati is for you. conDati eliminates the need for pesky time-consuming and error prone spreadsheet reporting by unifying your ad platform, web analytics, marketing automation, and sales or enrollment data and displays it in best practice dashboards. conDati automatically ties marketing activities such as ad conversions to both spend and revenue so you can track the metrics that matter most to your business to show direct impact on marketing and sales goals. Starting with top level KPIs you can drill-down to granular campaign detail for insights and recommended actions.

Providing ecommerce leaders with visibility into their full customer journey.

Tie all your pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase data together and have it all in one place for greater visibility and agility. End-to-end ecommerce guided analytics – acquisition through orders to fulfillment, with the ability to drill into granular details.

Dashboard examples:

  • UTM tag diagnosis
  • Cross-channel campaign comparison
  • Executive KPI summary including costs, sales and ROAS
  • Sales Velocity by Product
  • Products by Inventory Status
Understand your ecommerce business at a glance. Tie marketing efforts to orders and easily click through to drilldown reports for a closer look.
Identify your best and worst performing campaigns and zero in on those that show potential for driving higher sales.
Understand your customers with behavioral segmentation and watch your fanbase grow.
Track ROAS based on Gross Sales. No more time-consuming, error-prone spreadsheet calculations.
Don’t be caught off guard, monitor inventory levels and value so you can plan promotional sales and restock accordingly. Set up alerts for when volumes get too low.
Have your weekly sales report at your fingertips and easily share with stakeholders and executive leadership.


Helping marketers bring together siloed marketing and CRM data.

Unification, visualization, and navigation of ad platform, web analytics, campaign, and opportunity data to improve end-to-end marketing and sales funnel performance — tying marketing efforts to pipeline and revenue. Greater visibility = Greater decision-making confidence.

Dashboards examples:

  • UTM tag diagnosis
  • Cross-channel campaign comparison
  • Lead to revenue funnel
  • MQL progression
  • Opportunity and sales metrics
Easily view performance across channels and quickly drill down to the ad group level.
Compare campaigns to determine which are performing best and which have potential
Answer the question, what stage are my MQLs from last quarter at today?
A holistic view of the health of your business that can easily be shared.

Marketing campaign analytics & end-to-end enrollment funnel visibility.

Identify tactics with the best ROI. Understand which marketing channels and campaigns are driving interest and enrollments by tracking performance against enrollment funnel stages. Break it down by school and program to hone in on areas that need your attention the most.

Dashboards examples:

  • UTM tag diagnosis
  • Cross-channel campaign comparison
  • Enrollment funnel
  • Goal tracking and pacing
  • Lead to application conversion timing
Track and compare spend and performance across all of your marketing efforts, not just PPC.
Identify your best and worst performing campaigns and zero in on those that show potential for higher inquires at lower costs.
Understand the health of your enrollment funnel at a glance and easily click through to drilldown reports for a closer look.
Easily track the number of prospective students at each enrollment stage against goals and key milestones.
Understand how many days it takes a lead to turn into an applicant.
Understand which marketing sources are driving results across your enrollment funnel stages.

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