Facebook UTM TagFix

An automated service that finds and fixes Facebook UTM Tagging issues, so you don’t have to

Facebook UTM TagScan

Missing and mismatched Facebook UTM parameters are more common than you would think. With multiple people with varying levels of experience working within an account, the chances are even higher. The good news is conDati Facebook TagFix can resolve these ongoing issues fast and for just $50/month.

Facebook UTM Tag Report TagScan Results
Facebook UTM Tag Report TagFix Results

How conDati’s Facebook TagFix Service Works

For just $50/month, Facebook TagFix will automatically scan your Facebook UTM codes and fix any missing or mismatched tags. Each month you will receive a report showing results before and after the TagFix has been run.

It’s easy to get started:
  1. Click the green ‘Subscribe to TagFix’ button above.
  2. Enter your credit card number and contact information on the form.
  3. Follow simple instructions emailed to you to:
    • Give conDati partner access to your Facebook Business account with the role of ‘Manage campaigns’
    • Add conDati as a user to your Google Analytics account with ‘Read/Analyze’ permissions
  4. We’ll confirm we have access within 24 hours and start the TagFix process.
  5. You will receive a report detailing all the issues found along with a .csv file containing all the fixes.
  6. Upload your .csv ‘fix’ file to Facebook Ads Manager.
  7. A follow-up report will be sent after 3 business days.
  8. conDati will automatically perform steps 5-7 every 30 days.

Correct UTM Codes are Essential to Marketers

UTM Codes

What are UTM codes?

A UTM code is a simple code that you can attach to a web URL in order to track source (e.g. Facebook), medium (e.g. cpc), campaign (specific product promotion or strategic campaign) and content (optional to differentiate similar content) of the traffic coming to your website. This enables Google Analytics to tell you where traffic came from as well as what campaign directed them to you. UTM codes help you answer these questions:

  • Where is traffic coming from?
  • How is it getting to you?
  • Why is it coming to you?
  • How is that traffic engaging with your website?
  • How does that traffic relate to conversions (e.g. form fills) and revenue?

Why are UTM codes important?

If your UTM codes are incorrect, you won’t be able to accurately understand:

  • Your best converting Facebook campaigns.
  • Your best revenue generating Facebook campaigns.
  • Your best Facebook customers.
  • Which Facebook campaigns to reallocate ad spend to/from.
  • Whether to allocate more budget to Facebook.
  • Where you should be focusing Facebook campaign optimization efforts.

Don’t make ad spend and campaign decisions based on incomplete data. Sign-up today for conDati’s Facebook TagFix.

Safe and secure
conDati will only use your Facebook and Google Analytics credentials to analyze your account and will not share your data for any reason (see our Privacy Policy and Security pages.).

Cancellation Policy
You may cancel your subscription at any time by emailing subscription-support@condati.com. Requests for cancellation must be submitted 5 days before your upcoming monthly billing date in order to avoid being charged for that month. You will be charged on sign-up, which will initiate the process for your first Facebook UTM Tag Report and TagFix. Your monthly billing date and timing for your next report and TagFix will be 30 days after your initial subscription payment and will continue for every 30 days after that until cancelled.