Data Navigation

Digital marketing automation with built-in rules tailored to your business that deliver recommendations that drive profitability

Accelerate Positive Business Outcomes

If your current marketing and ecommerce data insights are falling short of actionable, you’re not alone. Most dashboards and reports don’t convey needed actions—you need to know how to interpret the data. In contrast, conDati data navigation continually examines underlying data relationships of your web event, customer engagement, audience, and sales data and compares to your goals to guide you through ‘what’, and ‘why’ and provides recommended actions. conDati automatically ties marketing activities such as ad conversions to both spend and revenue.

Quickly iterate through questions like: “Which marketing efforts contribute to the bottom line?,” “How should I allocate ad spend for optimal ROAS?,” and “When will I sell out of my top sellers?” to drive greater ROI.

conDati’s data architecture is built for speed and performance. It’s integrated time series data model and 3-level data caching synchronize the granular data from all your data sources to your goals and benchmarks. conDati’s data navigation engine delivers full interactivity, intelligent drill paths, comparative analytics, and recommended actions.

conDati Data Pipelines constantly ingest your secure data into conDati Transformation Engine

Synchronize All of Your Data

conDati data pipelines are built for reliable automated operation so data flowing into the transformation engine isn’t interrupted. This includes self-healing connections and continuous handling of all operational data-side extraction issues.

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Eliminate Data Wrangling

conDati Transformation Engine automates the error-prone process of transforming disparate ad, web traffic, email, and sales data into an integrated time series data model that is analysis-ready and is stored in a secure, customer-specific instance of Snowflake data warehouse.

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conDati Data Transformation Engine

Quickly Navigate to the Answers

conDati Data Navigation

Whether you are an in-house or agency digital marketer, campaign and spend decisions can be made quickly. With expertise and goals encapsulated, the conDati Data Navigation engine alerts you to priority actions you need to take and helps you to easily navigate optimization of campaigns down to granular levels, diagnosis of performance issues, and prediction of future performance.

Data architecture built for performance

  • Always-current plus historical KPIs from granular data
  • Advanced memory architecture for full interactivity
  • Self-diagnosing drill paths that answer ‘why’ in seconds

Built-in comparisons across platforms

  • Considers budgets, goals, and benchmarks
  • Correlates actual costs to revenues
  • Tailor targets to campaigns groups, channels, product categories, and audience segments

Rules engine calculates what action to take

Navigation flows & recommended actions to:

  • Answer ‘why’
  • Optimize for greater ROI
  • Improve productivity
  • Transfer knowledge

Goodbye Reporting, Hello Data Navigation!

Harness the power of digital marketing automation to drive positive business outcomes.