conDati Core

Meeting the analytics needs of small but growing marketing & ecommerce teams.


conDati Core Funnel Summary

Escape The Data Wrangling & Spreadsheet Hell

With the speed of change expected to continue, the need has never been greater for real-time digital reporting to enable swift decision-making. This is true no matter the size of your business. If your small team is looking to track marketing and ecommerce performance in one place—eliminating the need for pesky time-consuming and error prone spreadsheet reporting—conDati Core is for you. conDati Core unifies your web analytics, ad platform and sales data and displays it in best practice dashboards. Starting with top level KPIs you can drill-down to source, medium and campaign detail for instant insights to quickly make decisions. conDati Core analytics-as-a-service solution will fit your current needs, is flexible enough to meet future needs and will put you on a path to AI.

What is included:

No additional data or database costs. No infrastructure to manage.

Implementation: 2 weeks

You can easily upgrade to a Starter Bundle or add more data sources as your needs change.

For companies <$10M annual revenue

*Additional costs for web session volumes greater than 500,000

Cancellation Policy
30 days notice required



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conDati Shopify 360° Analytics Starter Bundle Datasheet

Unify ad, web & Shopify data & get best practice end-to-end customer journey analytics. Track performance from pre- through post-purchase.

Say Hello to Instant Insights

Getting started is easy. Cross-platform visibility in 1-2 weeks.