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The whole enchilada — data wrangling, dashboards, AI and data operations expertise to do the heavy lifting.

Solve Your Data and Analytics Problems with conDati

Business agility is a large element to long term success. This means ensuring data and insights to make sound decisions are readily availability. To accomplish this, you need to have all your web event, customer engagement, audience, and sales data not only in one place but have marketing activities tied to spend and revenue. Data needs to be wrangled and transformed into an integrated time series data model which is current, complete and analysis-ready, though this is more easily said and envisioned than done. If building yourself, you need data professionals with technical proficiency, the right software and cloud infrastructure, and patience to see the project through set-up, not to mention dedicated resources for ongoing maintenance and growing needs. This is where conDati excels. conDati’s analytics-as-a-service automates the whole analytics process for you from data wrangling to providing vertical specific end-to-end marketing and sales dashboards to AI-powered advanced analytics to answer data-heavy complex questions.


Data Unification Service

When you purchase the conDati Data Unification Service, your data will be constantly ingested, transformed and securely stored – ready for conDati 360° Analytics Dashboards, conDati AI-powered advanced analytics, or to extract and use with 3rd party analytics software.

conDati Data Pipelines constantly ingest your secure data into conDati Transformation Engine


All of Your Data in One Place

conDati data pipelines are built for reliable automated operation so data flowing into the transformation engine isn’t interrupted. This includes self-healing connections and continuous handling of all operational data-side extraction issues.

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We Handle the Data Wrangling

conDati automates the tedious, error-prone process of transforming your disparate advertising, web traffic, marketing, and sales data into a single, consistent schema. This integrated time series data model is analysis-ready and consistently updated.

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conDati Data Transformation Engine
Customer Specific Secure Data Storage


Transformed Data is Securely Stored

Each customer’s integrated time series data model is stored in a secure, customer-specific instance of Snowflake data warehouse that is acquired and maintained by conDati as part of our analytics-as-a-service offering.

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360° Analytics Dashboards

After you unify, transform and store your data, it is ready for analysis. conDati Data Scientists have developed best practice dashboards that empower your team to filter, drill-down, share, compare and customize your data so you can be more agile with your marketing.

360° Analytics Dashboards

Purpose-Built Best Practice Dashboards

conDati’s Ecommerce, B2B, and Higher Education 360° Analytics dashboard suites track the campaign and sales metrics that matter most. Whether you need to drill-down into areas of concern or show ROI and marketing’s impact to the bottom line.

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AI-Powered Advanced Analytics

Take your data analysis to the next level with AI-powered advanced analytics. conDati’s experienced marketing data science team does all the complex data crunching and modeling for you to provide you with actionable dashboards.

AI Advanced Analytics

AI to Answer Data-Heavy Questions

conDati leverages AI and machine learning to answer questions that humans and simple math just can’t. Such as allocation of spend for optimal ROI, or predicting revenue in a future quarter, that would otherwise be elusive.

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