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Revenue Forecasting


Act Now with Real-Time Revenue Projections

Gone are the days of forecasting based on gut, experience or simple math. Machine learning, an advanced predictive analytics approach, uses historical data to understand the seasonality and trends of a company then takes potential reasons for variation, such as holidays or sale days, into consideration. The Revenue Forecasting bundle helps you see into the future and strategically plan – reduce unnecessary spend during expected low periods, capitalize on peak demand periods and more efficiently schedule campaigns and resources. Apply the model to any metric, whether that is web visit, lead, pipeline, or revenue. Track actuals against predictions and be alerted when results fall outside of your range of normal, improving reaction time to issues and shortfalls.

What is included:

Implementation: 2 weeks

You can easily add data sources and functionality to your Starter Bundle as your needs change.

*Additional costs for web session volumes greater than 500,000

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