Starter Bundle:

Higher Education

Greater Visibility = Greater Decision-Making Confidence

With limited resources, increased competition and the pressure to accelerate digital transformation; marketing teams need a modern way to quickly gain data insights to inform decisions. They need to squeeze value out of every budget dollar spent to reach and convert prospective students to hit targets. But being efficient and effective with spend can be tough without the ability to accurately capture, understand and leverage campaign data and connect it to enrollment funnel stages. The conDati Higher Education Bundle unifies your web analytics data, ad platform data and enrollment data to give you end-to-end enrollment funnel visibility. This helps you easily see cross-channel and campaign performance and helps cross-department KPI alignment. Getting started is easy and affordable, with little risk. No data engineering resources needed; we take care of it all and bring you Higher Education expertise.

What is included:

No additional costs for additional user access or database storage. No infrastructure to manage.

Implementation: Initial insights within days.

You can easily add data sources and AI modules to your Starter Bundle as your needs change.

Cancellation Policy
30 days notice required



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