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Email and Organic Analytics


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Email and Organic Analytics Bundle

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You will be charged on sign-up, which will initiate the data unification process. You will be billed monthly thereafter until cancelled.

Safe and secure
conDati will only use your source system credentials for the purposes of onboarding your data to the conDati service, and then preserving real-time access for our analytical services regarding your systems.  When you grant us credentials to your source data systems, you give us permission for read-only access: Your data can never be modified by conDati. The conDati service does not collect, store, use, or analyze any personally-identifiable information (PII), such as the names, emails, phone numbers, or any other individual information about your prospects and customers,. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

Cancellation Policy
You may cancel your subscription at any time by emailing Requests for cancellation must be submitted 30 days before your upcoming monthly billing date in order to avoid being charged for that month.

The Email & Organic Analytics Bundle includes:


  • Propensity to buy/churn modeling based on recency and frequency (engagement levels)
  • Best day and time to send analysis
  • Email subject line performance analysis
  • Analysis to identify best performing email campaigns

SEO & Organic Social

  • Consolidated SEO query and web metrics summary dashboards