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Email and Organic Analytics


100% Confidence in Your Email Retargeting

If your marketing spend has been put on temporary hold you are not alone. According to a recent IAB report, nearly a quarter of US respondents have paused all advertising spend through to the end of Q2. Many marketers are having to shift strategies to focus on staying connected with existing and potential customers within their databases and drawing new interest via organic means only. Email, SEO and organic social becoming even more important marketing channels through these challenging times. The Email + Organic Analytics Bundle can help you identify customers ready to purchase or those at risk, optimize email for the best chance of interaction and results as inboxes get even more cluttered, and help provide a summary of your organic search and social effort all in one place.

What is included:


  • Propensity to buy/churn modeling based on recency and frequency (engagement levels)
  • Best day and time to send analysis
  • Email subject line performance analysis
  • Analysis to identify best performing email campaigns

SEO & Organic Social

  • Consolidated SEO query and web metrics summary dashboards


  • Ingestion and unification of data: 2x Email Marketing or Marketing Automation Platforms + Google Analytics + Google Search Console
    (Do you have different data sources? Contact Us »)
  • Data Explorer tool for custom visualizations
  • Regular check-ins with data scientist
  • Unlimited users

Implementation: 2 weeks

You can easily add data sources and functionality to your Starter Bundle as your needs change.

*Additional costs for web session volumes greater than 500,000

Cancellation Policy
30 days notice required

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