Starter Bundle:

RevenueLift™ Optimization

30-50% Revenue and Conversion Rate Lift

The big decisions around reducing ad spend or shifting the bulk of it to brand awareness, have already been decided for most marketers. The next hurdle is how to get the most revenue out of adjusted strategies and budgets to keep things afloat during these trying times and be best prepared to ramp quickly when things rebound. The RevenueLift Optimization bundle can help you identify which campaigns to focus on and applies AI to scan for performance lift across thousands of micro-segments (e.g. audience demographic, geographic, device, creative, and day/hour). Providing you with recommendations to increase conversions and revenue that can be activated in minutes with a simple .csv upload into your ad platform, such as Google Ads.

What is included:

No additional costs for additional user access or database storage. No infrastructure to manage.

Implementation: Initial insights within days.

You can easily add data sources and AI modules to your Starter Bundle as your needs change.

Cancellation Policy
30 days notice required

Uncover Unrealized Revenue

Getting started is easy. See revenue lift within weeks.