Starter Bundle:

Data Unification

Get your Act Data Together in 2 Weeks!

How quickly marketers can adjust strategies and make decisions has become critical. Having real-time marketing data all in one place, and well-organized, provides marketers with the agility they need. If your current data gathering and analytics processes are frustrating or time consuming or missing the mark, now is the time to look at a more modern approach. The Data Unification bundle unifies your web analytics data, ad platform data and revenue data to give you end-to-end visibility into your overall funnel and helps you easily see cross-channel and campaign performance. With our data visualization tool built-in, you also have the freedom to slice and dice your data how you want… Set-up in just a couple of weeks! No data engineering resources needed; we take care of it all.

What is included:

No additional costs for additional user access or database storage. No infrastructure to manage.

Implementation: Initial insights within days.

You can easily add data sources and AI modules to your Starter Bundle as your needs change.

Cancellation Policy
30 days notice required

Say Goodbye to Data Wrangling

Getting started is easy. Cross-channel visibility in 1-2 weeks.