Starter Bundle:

Algorithmic Attribution


Prioritize Spend with Precise and Unbiased Attribution

It is imperative for marketers with multi-channel strategies to understand how various touchpoints of their buyer’s journey interrelate from first interaction to the very last. By connecting top-of-funnel initiatives with down-funnel results, using an algorithmic multi-touch and cross-channel attribution model, you can understand customer behavior, such as channel or campaign influence, and number of touches or days to complete a goal. The Algorithmic Attribution starter bundle uses a network model which removes the bias found in last-touch or rules-based models, giving each touchpoint the credit due. This provides marketers with insights into how marketing dollars are best spent to earn the most engagements and increase ROI – taking the guesswork out of budget allocation at both the channel and campaign level.

What is included:

  • Ingestion of data: Google Analytics + Google Ads or Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads or Microsoft Advertising
  • Identification of data quality issues
  • Funnel dashboards – overall, channel and campaign
  • Campaign and channel network models
  • Revenue and cost attribution
  • Ad spend recommendations across campaigns
  • Converter and non-converter path analysis
  • Assisted and non-assisted journeys
  • Path analysis including volume of interactions and number of days per path
  • Data Explorer data visualization tool
  • Regular check-ins with data scientist
  • Unlimited users

Implementation: Insights within days.

You can easily add data sources and functionality to your Starter Bundle as your needs change.

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