AI-Powered Advanced Analytics:

RevenueLift™ Ad Optimization

Campaign Optimization and Bid Adjustment Recommendations

Identifying Opportunity Using Lower Funnel Metrics

Specific optimization recommendations on where and when to stop, start and continue for higher campaign and ad spend return. One example is easily activated bid adjustments where sophisticated algorithms look for performance lift across thousands of micro-segments, taking saturation into consideration. Many businesses are experiencing revenue lift up to 50%.

The math is complex.
The activation is easy.

RevenueLift Ad Optimization uses algorithms to look at diminishing marginal returns and statistical significance of conversion rates to identify and recommend high-potential microsegments that will return lift. It does this by analyzing and comparing targeting variables such as demographic, geographic, timing, creative, and device. The possibilities are enormous when you think of the combinations of knobs to tweak and tune!

Large amounts of campaign data is processed to identify microsegments that will return lift.

It also looks at saturation levels across each microsegment of your campaign to precisely identify pockets of opportunity available. The optimal combination of bid adjustments is found that will increase revenue within your current budget. What may have appeared to be saturated now becomes a treasure trove of revenue potential.

RevenuLift Ad Optimization uses saturation curves to find the optimal bid, the dashed circle, vs the current solid circle, for each targeting variable.

The output is multi-campaign, multi-attribute bid adjustment recommendations in .csv format that you can easily download, then upload to ad platforms such as Google, Bing or Facebook within minutes. This AI-driven campaign optimization approach results in revenue lift without having to change ad spend.

Thousands of bid adjustments can happen in minutes.

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