AI-Powered Advanced Analytics:

Revenue Forecasting

Marketing Forecasting

Anticipate and React to KPI Changes

Forecast marketing results across the entire funnel using machine learning: from web visitors to MQLs or enrollments to pipeline and revenue. Built-in anomaly detection with intelligent alerts provides immediate notification when action is necessary. Forecast predictive modeling discovers the trends and seasonality insights of customer behavior and can incorporate other “signals” such as competition, special circumstances or sale days like Cyber Monday.

If performance is dropping, you need to know.
And the sooner the better.

For accuracy, the marketing forecasting model accounts for business’s trends and seasonality.

User Trend Chart - Looking at overall trend determines if growth or a decline is expected


How seasonality changes throughout the year, broken down by day, is factored in. Along with seasonality in day of week.

The unique peaks and valleys of performance throughout the year are important to build a form-fitting forecast for each business.

Events or special days that happen historically, or are planned for the future e.g. holidays, promotions, sale days, and planned spend, are also included in the model.

Event Forecasting

All of this combined creates a very explainable, accurate marketing performance forecast model. This powerful performance monitoring tool flags results when they go above or fall below the normal range, so you aren’t caught flat-footed.

Be alerted to anomalies that fall outside of the confidence band so you can take action to stay on track.

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An AI-powered platform engineered for marketers for campaign decisioning and predictive analytics.

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Revenue Optimization

Ad Optimization

AI-driven process that recommends adjustments across 1,000s of variables for optimal revenue lift.

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Journey Attribution

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We can look instantly at forecasts and understand product trends, such as renewals, to equip everyone with the knowledge of what campaigns are working to adjust on the fly. We can fix problems, such as with our website, email and PPC campaigns, quickly and without negative impact to the business.

Maureen Pflum
Senior Marketing Analytics Strategist

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