Advanced Analytics

AI-powered advanced analytics to help answer data-heavy questions across the entire customer journey.

Best practice marketing and ecommerce analytics-as-a-service; from pre-purchase through post-purchase

Get to the Answers You Need Quickly

Marketers have long been frustrated by the inundation of large amounts of data yet not being able to get to the insights they need. Until now, answers to common questions such as “Which marketing efforts contribute to the bottom line?”, “How should I allocate ad spend for optimal ROAS?”, “What is our predicted revenue over the next quarter?, and “When will I sell out of my top sellers?” have been largely elusive, not least because there is large amounts of cause-and-effect data, with many possible actions, and little time to analyze it. AI thrives in this type of situation and so do we. conDati provides advanced analytics capabilities, including predictive and prescriptive analytics using AI and machine learning, to get to the bottom of your questions and deliver the agility marketers need to drive growth and gain competitive advantage.

Set the Right Campaign Budgets

Campaign BudgetsConfidently allocate budgets with AI-driven investment recommendations based on anticipated ROI and unbiased attribution methods. Tackle it from a channel or campaign spend perspective – AI helps with it all.


  • Algorithmic Attribution
  • Campaign Saturation Analytics
  • Path length and duration

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Optimize Ad Bids at Scale

Bid Optimization

Maximize ROAS using sophisticated multi-step optimization algorithms to create bidding strategies for search and social campaigns. Optimize campaigns at scale, and save time uploading and adjusting bids.

conDati customers are seeing YoY revenue lift of up to 50%


  • Campaign Saturation Analytics
  • Optimization Heatmaps
  • Bid Adjustment Recommendations

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Look Forward with Forecasting

Revenue Forecasting and Alerting
Get forward looking visibility and insights with accurate revenue and engagement forecasts. Know in advance if performance is on track or not and get alerted when anomalies arise in time to course correct.


  • Trends and Seasonality
  • Revenue and Engagement Forecasting
  • Anomaly Detection

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Anticipate When Stock Will Sell Out

Monitor inventory levels and get alerted when volumes get too low.
Drive operational efficiencies and minimize risk of stockouts of best sellers with out-of-stock predictions. Be alerted immediately when inventory is running low so you can take action and avoid lost sales.


  • Time Series Modeling
  • Out-of-Stock Predictions
  • Out-of-Stock Warning Alert

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