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The End of Siloed Data

conDati collects and blends all your important marketing data to create a unified data asset that is used to create dashboards, models and alerts across every channel.

Revenue, cost, and metrics data (Sends, Opens, Impressions, Clicks, Transactions…) are available for every campaign by minute, hour and day.


Paid Search Optimization

YTD Revenue by Channel

Top 75 Campaigns - Paid Search

Average Conversion Rate by Day & Hour

Choose the time and day of week with the best results to launch campaigns.
Shift resources from lowest conversion rate times to highest conversion rate times.

Ad Spending Recommendations by Day & Hour

Best Conversion Rate Day of Year

Conversion Rate by Geography


Accurate Forecasting is a Game Changer

Results YTD are combined with the Model Forecast for the rest of the year giving a constantly updated Forecast for Revenue, Costs and other metrics.

Transaction Revenue Forecast


Forecast and Track Campaigns

The “Today’s Performance” dashboard monitors campaigns across ad platforms, including Google, Facebook, Bing, YouTube, and Amazon. conDati’s funnel-like dashboard displays “just-now” updates for key campaign cost and revenue metrics, and graphically compares beacons for each KPI’s performance throughout the day to its predicted forecast range.

Dashboard for Todays Performance


Identify Anomalies in Real-Time

Comparing forecasts with actuals reveals real-time operating anomalies that require attention and remediation.

Change Detection


Monitoring & Alerts Delivered 24/7

Be notified instantly when Alerts are triggered if Revenue, Costs, Goals, or other metrics are abnormal.

Notifications are delivered via Email, Slack, SMS, conDati UI and Webhook.

conDati Mobile Alert


Intuitive Dashboard Visualizations

Dynamic dashboards let you interact with your data to click through to each level of your campaign, from summary level to granular. Easily find the information you need to make strategic decisions.


Marketing Reporting, Simplified

Easy-to-understand, flexible and customizable reporting at your fingertips. Let conDati generate reports instantly for your use. Custom reporting created by our team of data scientists, just for your business. 

conDati Aggregated Reporting


conDati is Your Data Science Team

conDati is your data science team, working right at the leading edge of AI and Machine Learning. 

  • Collaborate with our data scientists for solutions to new requirements, explanations, training, and advice
  • Work on ad-hoc use cases that relate to your business and marketing objectives
  • Gain access to best practices from conDati’s experience working across our customer base
conDati is Your Data Science Team


Beyond Big Data:
Toward Real Insight

The gains to be had from AI and Big Data come not from the data as much as from the insights that can be provided through rigorous and skilled use of the best data science.

Pepperdine University

“Right now, it’s a cumbersome manual process to roll up the different data sets, and even then we can only see results one slice at a time. With conDati, we will be able to view and compare the success of all the different marketing activities across all five schools. And we’ll be able to see it whenever we want.”

Associate VP for Integrated Marketing & Communications
Pepperdine University

Do you need to roll-up marketing data across multiple business units or websites?

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