Priced to Fit the Budget of Any Sized Organization

Pricing is based on the value of insights we deliver. We calculate monthly subscription fees based on how many data sources we integrate for you, and your monthly volume of web sessions. 

No consulting fees, no data integration fees, no report building fees, and no need to acquire additional reporting or analytics platforms. All conDati subscriptions include a constant flow of new analyses and visualizations.

conDati Discovery

No fees. No commitment.

30-Day Trial
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Platforms (Adwords, DoubleClick, etc.) for one master URL
  • All dashboards, forecasts & alerts​
  • 1 week from contract to live dashboards
  • No IT, no data management, no consulting

conDati Standard

Just right for small companies.

$ 2,500
Per Month
  • Google Analytics

  • 1 advertising platform (or other data source) and 1 marketing automation platform
  • Up to 1m sessions/month for one master URL
  • Additional data sources @ $500/mo.​

conDati Pro

Standard for enterprises with a single website.

$ 5,000
Per Month
  • Google Analytics OR Adobe Analytics
  • Up to 4 data sources (advertising, email, CRM, others)
  • Up to 3m sessions/month for one master URL
  • Additional data sources @ $500/mo.

conDati Enterprise

Sophisticated solutions for complex enterprises.

  • Google Analytics and/or Adobe Analytics
  • More than 4 data sources (advertising, email, CRM, others)
  • More than 3m sessions/month for one master URL

Do you want to understand which customer segments and campaigns deliver the greatest revenue lift?

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