Beta Customer Program FAQs

Do you have more marketing data than you have actionable information? Join conDati’s beta customer program, and help us develop the highest-impact solutions to increase revenue, margins, and marketing ROI.

conDati is working with a selected group of mid-sized companies in business-to-business, business-to-consumer, and education to identify, develop, and refine the highest-value solutions to real marketing questions and problems.

Our beta customers benefit in three ways:

  1. Working with our technical and data science teams to identify the problems and questions with the highest yield.
  2. Obtaining the results of conDati’s solutions to these problems as we develop them.
  3. Discounted pricing on conDati solutions for the first 12 months from commercial release.

If you have more marketing data than you have actionable information for decision-making, then conDati’s solutions will help.

To add some color to that statement, our existing alpha development partners and beta customers:

  • Use Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics as their marketing system of record
  • Spend at least $1 million per year on digital marketing

conDati has customers in B2C e-Commerce, B2B, and education. Their business models include both e-commerce and traditional sales.  If you use multiple marketing technology platforms, and would like to use data to improve your results, then we would like to talk with you.

There is no charge to participating in the beta program. After conDati’s commercial launch (projected for late Q1/early Q2 2018), beta participants will have 14 days to decide whether or not to continue with conDati’s service. Beta customers who decide to continue will receive a 50% discount off conDati’s commercial pricing for a period of 12 months from the commercial launch date.

Customers should not incur any costs in participating in the beta program. It is possible that a vendor may charge for an API to the system that it is providing to a customer, in which case conDati will ask the customer to cover the costs of that API. So far, we have not encountered this problem.

Required: Very little. We need to learn what systems you use, obtain the data from them, and understand the questions you want answered.

Then we’ll want to show you the results, somewhere in the range of a few days to a few weeks later.

Potential: As much as you want. We want to work with smart, engaged, committed and creative companies who want to push the boundaries of what is thought to be possible.

Yes, we will handle all of the machine learning and data science around your data set and provide you with insights based on our initial discovery call about your marketing use cases. We will ask for feedback and reactions to these insights, which requires a bit of time to talk to us. If you are a Slack user, we can set you up as a single-channel guest(s) within our environment, and we can communicate there to get updates, feedback, and help. This has worked well with our other alpha/lighthouse customers.

A signed mutual non-disclosure agreement.

A signed beta program agreement.

Access to your target systems, marketing and other. This requires sharing credentials with conDati.

The questions you want answered.

A meeting to review the results.

That’s about it.

conDati’s solutions are built on Snowflake’s industry-leading data warehouse. Snowflake runs in Amazon’s highly-secure Web Service’s data centers. Snowflake uses a single-tenant architecture, with firewall protection for individual hosts. Elements of Snowflake’s security include:

  • Fine-grained, role-based access control for data and actions.
  • Always-on encryption of data

Snowflake is compliant with SOC2, Type II standards, is PCI DSS certified and HIPAA-compliant.

conDati works on aggregated sales, marketing, and financial data. conDati is not in the business of creating single-customer views, or tracking individual customer journeys — so we don’t collect customer names or other personally-identifiable information (“PII”). We monitor our data intake to ensure that our data storage operations and policies are in compliance with GDPR.

conDati team members have been working on data science since before it was “a thing,” including designing the next-generation control system to attenuate particle beams in real-time for the Stanford Linear Accelerator — where “real time” means nanoseconds and “big data” means trillions of observations.

conDati’s CEO has founded and sold 6 previous companies, all of them focused on collecting and working with data to deliver business insights that were simply not possible with the prior generation of technology.

Thanks to cloud computing, its improved economics of data storage, and the advent of free and open source data science tools, the computational power required to perform sophisticated data science on massive data sets is now accessible to even mid-market companies, with high performance, robust security, and affordable economics.

So, yes, we know what we’re doing. We’re actually very good at it.

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