Marketing analytics startup conDati is out today with new capabilities, offering data science as a solution for marketers interested in predictive analytics.

The pitch is that today’s marketers with omnichannel inspirations need a machine learning-driven platform that will not only assess the success of campaigns across several media but also point them toward paths for future success. That’s an expensive technical infrastructure to create in-house, and conDati’s betting its solution is worth the spend.

“The current workflows to calculate [marketing and sales] results are time-consuming and incomplete, and what marketers learn is obsolete before they learn it,” said conDati Co-Founder and CMO Linh Ho. “conDati’s data-science-as-a-solution is fixing these problems by providing more accurate and timely campaign performance intel and recommendations to drive better results.”

The Palo Alto-based company emphasized cross-channel and multi-touch attribution, omnichannel ROI optimization, and financial forecasting as highlights of its revitalized offerings Wednesday.

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