Unification & Best Practice Dashboards for Pre- Through Post-Purchase Data

Palo Alto, USA, September 15, 2020 — conDati, Inc., an AI marketing analytics-as-a-service provider, today announced the launch of their Shopify 360° Analytics starter bundle, a solution that provides end-to-end visibility into the ecommerce customer journey.

In an age of overwhelming, siloed marketing data the Shopify 360° Analytics starter bundle offers marketers and ecommerce professionals an inexpensive and quick way to unify digital ad costs and performance, web analytics and Shopify data into a single data asset and view that data in best practice real-time dashboards. Dashboards, along with alerts, and easy shareability, allows unlimited users across a company to track performance and easily make critical decisions to increase profitability and improve operational efficiency.

“This is what makes conDati different; the 360 view for leaders, and bringing real-time ad data, transaction data and fulfillment data together with the ability to drill into granular details” said current customer, James Kim, VP of DTC/Ecommerce at MGA Entertainment.

Implementation takes two weeks with initial dashboards available within days. The $3,000/month price point, far lower than hiring a marketing analyst, makes this solution ideal and affordable for mid-sized companies and above. Especially considering the ‘no assembly required’, as-a-service approach.

“conDati is a true AI analytics platform-as-a-service running in the cloud. With built-in performance, there’s no infrastructure to manage or knobs to turn. conDati automatically handles data engineering, AI and dashboard creation, infrastructure, optimization, security, data protection and more, so you can focus on using your data, from the first day” explains Ken Gardner, CEO and Founder of conDati.

To note, Shopify 360° Analytics customers are automatically put on an accelerated path to AI. Once implemented, customers can easily, within days, add on AI or machine learning functionality such as predicting when products will be out of stock, when they are ready.

For more information about the conDati Shopify 360° Analytics Starter Bundle, visit www.condati.com/product/bundles/shopify-360-analytics/ or book a demo here: www.condati.com/demo-request/.

Funnel Summary Showing KPIs for Blended Data Sources Giving Complete 360 View


Understand your ecommerce business at a glance with KPIs from unified data sources. Tie marketing efforts to orders and easily click through to drilldown reports for a closer look.

About conDati

conDati arms marketing and ecommerce professionals with AI-analytics-as-a-service to make campaign decisioning easy. We automatically unify cross-platform data and provide best practice dashboards, intelligent recommendations for campaign uplift and spend, and predictions such as revenue and out-of-stock. Marketers gain confidence in decision making, boost productivity by 10x-50x and increase lift up to 50%. Learn more at www.condati.com.

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