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Palo Alto, CA: conDati today announced the first commercial release of conDati Marketing Analytics, a cloud-based service that applies data integration, data science and machine learning to help marketers understand and improve the performance of digital campaigns. conDati Marketing Analytics blends siloed data from multiple martech systems to deliver a single, unified data asset. That data asset is processed, analyzed, modeled and projected to produce complete, accurate visibility into digital campaign performance. conDati is the first truly modern marketing analytics platform, providing a real-time understanding of campaign performance to marketing leaders and practitioners and replacing spreadsheet-based tracking metrics for marketing departments of all sizes.

The company targets the largest areas of digital marketing spend and activity, combining campaign performance data from every important martech source. Data collected includes revenue, ad cost, sessions, transactions and goal conversions in a company’s campaign results. conDati aggregates and consolidates this information into a single data asset, without the use of IT department or consulting resources or expensive services projects.

Founded by a team of renowned data scientists and successful Silicon Valley executives, conDati has recently completed a $4.75 million Series A financing round. “Our mission is to take marketing departments from using spreadsheets to manage campaigns to using state-of-the-art data science and visualizations – overnight,” said conDati CEO Ken Gardner. “We provide ‘understanding at your fingertips’ to marketing decision makers at price points enterprises of all sizes can afford.”

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