conDati Launches Shopify 360° Analytics Starter Bundle

Unification & Best Practice Dashboards for Pre- Through Post-Purchase Data Palo Alto, USA, September 15, 2020 — conDati, Inc., an AI marketing analytics-as-a-service provider, today announced the launch of their Shopify 360° Analytics starter bundle, a solution that provides end-to-end visibility into the ecommerce customer journey. In an age of overwhelming, siloed marketing data the

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Global Banking and Finance Review

AI for Marketing: Regaining Business Traction During a Pandemic

Businesses are often caught off-guard by major disruptions to their markets, or to the market overall. Some things can be planned for, some cannot. In both cases the winners are those that can size up–and adapt to–those disruptions the quickest. That’s where Artificial Intelligence (AI) came in for a maker of non-slip shoes that needed

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Augmenting Digital Marketing Intelligence With conDati

conDati is helping digital marketers to make better decisions using data from multiple channels and platforms. Data analytics in marketing have long been among the more sophisticated approaches found within companies. All sorts of predictive and prescriptive analytics are used to segment customers, identify which of them are most likely to buy, and which prices,

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MarTech Advisor

conDati Launches Data-Science-As-A-Service Solution Designed to Boost Online Retail Sales from Marketing Campaign Spend

MarTech Pioneer Provides Omnichannel Campaign Performance Analytics and AI-Driven Recommendations to Optimize Campaigns conDati announced the launch of new capabilities on top of its digital marketing solution that helps eTailers and digital marketers understand their omnichannel campaign performance to sales revenue in a single platform. conDati’s AI and machine learning capabilities provide current insights and

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Data Science as a Solution: conDati Opens Doors for Digital Retailers

Marketing analytics startup conDati is out today with new capabilities, offering data science as a solution for marketers interested in predictive analytics. The pitch is that today’s marketers with omnichannel inspirations need a machine learning-driven platform that will not only assess the success of campaigns across several media but also point them toward paths for

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MarTech Today

The MarTech Minute: Sublimes’ new mobile ad units, emotion measurement from MetrixLab, …Linh C. Ho joins conDati..

Martech in Motion MetrixLab launches new emotion-measurement toolAvaya provides an Emotional Intensity Score and covers eight emotional domains relevant to marketing activities. The tool is an add-on module to the company’s existing research solutions portfolio. Sublime expands mobile ad solutionsThe company will now offer full-funnel marketing capabilities across both desktop and mobile environments. New mobile

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MarTech Advisor

conDati Appoints Linh C. Ho to Chief Marketing Officer

conDati, a provider of next-generation analytics for digital marketing, announced today that it has appointed co-founder Linh C. Ho as chief marketing officer as the startup enters its next stage of growth. Linh, an adviser to conDati since its inception in 2017, brings 18 years of experience in B2B tech marketing and most recently served as chief

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Seattle Business

conDati Has Appointed Co-founder Linh C. Ho as Chief Marketing Officer

conDati has appointed co-founder Linh C. Ho as chief marketing officer as the startup enters its next stage of growth. Linh, an adviser to conDati since its inception in 2017, brings 18 years of experience in B2B tech marketing and most recently served as chief of staff to the CMO at SAP Concur. Read entire article on Seattle Business

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TCN - Tech Company News

conDati Helps Companies Drive Value From Their Cloud-Based Marketing Applications

conDati is a provider of analytics for digital marketing that help companies drive value from their cloud-based marketing applications and improve digital marketing ROI. Below is our recent interview with Ken Gardner, CEO & Founder at conDati: Q: Ken, tell us something more about conDati’s cloud-based data science application? A: conDati’s cloud-based data science application

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