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At conDati we apply machine learning and data science techniques to developing out-of-the-box solutions that transform massive volumes of customer, event, and transaction data into accessible insights and usable information.

We are on a mission to provide Marketing executives and hands-on marketers with the comprehensive and real-time visibility, predictive models, and science-based recommendations they need to maximize Marketing’s contribution to business success.

The Problem We See

2018 Martech Categories and Products

Too Much Data; Many Sources;
Too Little Information

The typical mid-sized enterprise manages at least 10 cloud-based marketing services — resulting in a deluge of siloed data streams that are nearly impossible to blend, synchronize, analyze, and share.

For mid-market organizations without data science teams or large IT staffs, combining Marketing data and integrating it with data from Finance and elsewhere is an insurmountable challenge.

In this fractured data landscape, it’s difficult to even gain visibility into Marketing’s performance and business contributions, much less identify data-driven improvements to improve ROI.

How We Are Solving It

You Have the Data; We Have the Science

Even mid-market enterprises can now afford to collect, store, and analyze the data needed to continuously measure and improve Marketing’s ROI — if only they could afford the data scientists. conDati combines high-performance data management in the cloud with deep data science expertise to fill the marketing analytics gap:

  • Comprehensive: conDati collects, stores, and blends every data element from every system you give us access to — without limits on how much data you can store, or for how long you can store it.
  • Real-time: Data elements appear in the conDati data warehouse as soon as they’re recorded by the source systems: we reduce data latency from hours (or days!) to seconds. 
  • Accessible: Our visualizations help busy people understand complex information. The goal in all our displays is to make the most difficult marketing decisions as clear as possible — and easy to share, with individuals and across the organization.
  • Actionable: conDati’s predictive analytics for marketing give clear, accurate, and current visibility into what’s working and what’s not — and what can be done to improve it.
Adwords Campaign Summary

Business Is a Team Sport

Moore’s Law means that every few years an entirely new set of capabilities becomes possible. conDati’s founders have followed this progression for their entire careers in pursuit of working with big data to yield the greatest informational advantage: At Sagent, we figured out large-scale data integration. At iStante we pioneered real-time dashboards, and at SOASTA we mastered toolsets for advanced data science and machine learning.

We’re now pointing these experiences at the modern marketer’s lament:

“We have more data in more siloes than we can count, but we don’t have any information. We don’t have the ability to combine all this data into insight that will allow us to make better decisions. We’re flying blind….”

Our team is dedicated to fixing this problem for Marketing. We’re creating something new, something that’s never been done before. So we’re committed to a development and design process that recognizes goodness while pushing constantly for greatness. We rely on our collective willingness to offer and accept new concepts. We value honest and direct communication with each other, our customers, our prospects, and our partners. Our team members are resilient and determined to excel at the task we’ve set ourselves:

“We give each other the gift of high expectations.”

Founder & CEO, conDati


Ken Gardner

Ken Gardner, CEO

Ken Gardner is a software industry veteran who has founded and led 5 previous analytics startups to successful exits. His most recent venture was SOASTA, which was acquired by Akamai (NASDAQ: AKAM) in April 2017 . Recognizing the opportunities created by the flood of big data in Marketing, Ken founded conDati in June 2017 to put the power of data science directly into the hands of marketers who need to increase revenue, decrease costs, and improve Marketing’s ROI.

Ken is a graduate of the University of Louisville, an Alumni Fellow of the University of Louisville College of Business, and a member of the University of Louisville College of Business Entrepreneurship Circle of Fame. He holds more than 20 patents for inventions in business intelligence, stream processing, real-time analytics and real-time data visualization.

John Zicker

John Zicker, Chief Data Scientist

John has been working on advanced data science since the early 1980s, applying his expertise to fields as diverse as cybersecurity, life sciences drug discovery, particle beam experiments, and business intelligence. John is a 5-time entrepreneur and 3-time CEO. At conDati, John is returning to his passion for data as “chief mathemagician.”

Connie Quach

Connie Quach, Vice President Products

Connie is an expert in SaaS product management and product marketing. In common with many members of the conDati team, Connie spent years at SOASTA working with Ken on some of the most interesting challenges in collecting, storing, and analyzing extremely large data sets. Connie brings that expertise to building out conDati’s portfolio of intelligent marketing analytics solutions.
Dan Bartow

Dan Bartow,
Vice President Product Design

Dan leads product design for conDati. He worked with Ken as SOASTA’s first VP of Products and Principal Product Designer until the acquisition by Akamai. Dan holds multiple patents in data science, analytics and UI. His teams’ work over the last decade is in use by the majority of the top 100 online retailers in the US and millions of consumers.
Dan Boutin

Dan Boutin, Vice President Sales

Dan leads conDati’s sales activities to enterprise and mid-market e-commerce companies. He brings decades of success in working with customers and new technologies to develop high-value solutions for specific customer use cases. Dan’s career before conDati includes senior roles at SOASTA, IBM, Rational, MKS, and Mercury Interactive.

Steve Plume

Stephen Plume, Vice President Marketing

Steve has spent his career in business-to-business software at the executive level and as a consultant. conDati is the third start-up where he’s launched Marketing, following KACE Networks (acquired by Dell) and Accept Software (acquired by Artemis), and he has worked with Ken at all of Ken’s prior companies. Steve is excited about conDati’s ability to help marketing teams finally incorporate quantitative analytics into decision-making at the level that’s been needed all along.

Marielena Gardner

Marielena Gardner,
Vice President Finance & Administration

In Marielena’s diverse Human Resource and Management career, she has supported both start-ups and established organizations. Her experience in helping companies scale includes roles in talent acquisition, performance management, compensation, benefits, employee relations, and legal at Bain Consulting, TesserAct,, Wired Ventures, NEC, and The Prudential.

Iris Lieuw

Iris Lieuw, Data Science Team Lead

Iris began her career in computational neuroscience, and she brings that expertise to her role in data science at conDati. Iris leads conDati’s activities in applying advanced machine learning techniques and algorithms to new analyses and powerful visualizations for marketing. Prior to conDati, Iris held senior data science positions at Akamai and SOASTA.

Matt Koken

Matt Koken, Software Engineering Team Lead

Matt is a full stack developer with a backend focus on platform and infrastructure. His expertise in security, data science and web performance was honed during his tenure at SOASTA, and his interest in robotics has been constant since his undergraduate studies in Computer Science and Engineering.

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