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Business is a Team Sport

Moore’s Law means that every few years an entirely new set of capabilities becomes possible. conDati’s founders have followed this progression for their entire careers in pursuit of working with big data to yield the greatest informational advantage: At Sagent, we figured out large-scale data integration. At iStante we pioneered real-time dashboards, and at SOASTA we mastered toolsets for advanced data science and machine learning.

We’re now pointing these experiences at the modern marketer’s lament:

“We have more data in more siloes than we can count, but we don’t have the right information or foresight at our fingertips to adapt to the ever-changing customer and market environment. We don’t have the ability to combine all this data into intelligence that will allow us to make better and more confident decisions to grow our business. We’re flying blind….”

Our team is dedicated to fixing this problem for Marketing.

At conDati we apply AI techniques to developing out-of-the-box solutions that transform massive volumes of audience, campaign and content data, across a multitude of variables, into intelligence that can be actioned and activated easily (and often) to make a significant difference toward obtaining and exceeding marketing goals.

We are on a mission to provide marketing executives and hands-on marketers with the comprehensive and real-time visibility, predictive models, and science-based recommendations they need to make quality campaign decisions to maximize marketing’s contribution to business success.

“We give each other the gift of high expectations.”

Founder & CEO, conDati


Ken Gardner

Ken Gardner,
Founder, CEO, & Chairman of the Board

Ken Gardner is a software industry veteran who has founded and led 5 previous analytics startups to successful exits. His most recent venture was SOASTA, which was acquired by Akamai (NASDAQ: AKAM) in April 2017 . Recognizing the opportunities created by the flood of big data in Marketing, Ken founded conDati in June 2017 to put the power of data science directly into the hands of marketers who need to increase revenue, decrease costs, and improve Marketing’s ROI.

Ken is a graduate of the University of Louisville, an Alumni Fellow of the University of Louisville College of Business, and a member of the University of Louisville College of Business Entrepreneurship Circle of Fame. He holds more than 20 patents for inventions in business intelligence, stream processing, real-time analytics and real-time data visualization.

Rob Meinhardt

Rob Meinhardt, Board Member

Rob Meinhardt is Co-Founder of Furious Collective, a San Francisco based venture production studio focused on building a portfolio of profitable software businesses via a combination of incubation and acquisition. Presently, Furious Collective owns and operates FormKeep, 99 Inbound, Form Bakery, Kevy and Teamsmith. Prior to co-founding Furious Collective, Rob was an independent board member and partner with venture capital firm Toba Capital. During this time Rob served on the boards of companies like Alteryx, Saucelabs, FloQast, Conversica and Bomgar. Before spending time in venture capital, Rob was Co-Founder and CEO of KACE Networks (Acquired by Dell) and was a founding team member of AvantGo (NASDAQ and, later, acquired by Sybase) where he served as Vice President of Marketing. Rob holds a BA in Economics from Yale University.

Steve Plume

Stephen Plume, Board Member

Steve is the Managing Director of The Entrepreneurs Fund, managing a portfolio of high growth tech start-ups. Previously, he was the Vice President of Marketing for conDati in 2017-2018. Prior to conDati, Steve served as Senior Marketing Director for the Dell Software Group, which collected Dell’s multiple enterprise software acquisitions. Before joining Dell, Steve was the founding Vice President of Marketing at Accept Software, where he helped grow the company from zero to acquisition by Artemis International. His many clients included established companies leading the first wave of the internet, including Apple, Adobe, Cisco, HP, IBM, Motorola, PeopleSoft, and Siebel, and a host of smaller companies, including some of the most successful IPOs of the 1990s, such as Aurum, Persistence, Sagent, and CommerceOne.

Bill Elmore

Board Advisor

Founder & General Partner
Handshake Ventures

Bill Elmore

Will Elmore

Board Advisor

Handshake Ventures

Bill Elmore

John Zicker

Artificial Intelligence Advisor

Advanced data science

John Zicker
Linh C Ho

Linh C. Ho, Co-Founder, COO

Co-founder Linh Ho has spent 20 years in marketing technology, holding various marketing leadership and sales positions in start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Linh is passionate about solving sales and marketing challenges with faster, easier real-time data analytics! Linh and her Founder Ken Gardner, launched conDati to solve for driving efficiencies with AI/ML and for driving revenue lift. Prior to conDati, Linh was SAP Concur Global Marketing Chief of Staff, running a business operation of almost 500 staff and $120M in marketing spend across enterprise and SMB markets. She played a key role in corporate communications prior to and through the $8.3 billion acquisition of Concur by SAP. Before SAP Concur, Linh was the VP of marketing at OpTier, and head of product marketing for Compuware (now Dynatrace) APM solution.

Marielena Gardner

Marielena Gardner,
Vice President Finance & Administration

In co-founder Marielena Gardner’s diverse Human Resource and Management career, she has supported both start-ups and established organizations. Her experience in helping companies scale includes roles in talent acquisition, performance management, compensation, benefits, employee relations, and legal at Bain Consulting, TesserAct, Match.com, Wired Ventures, NEC, and The Prudential.

Kelly McKeown, Vice President of Revenue Marketing

Kelly McKeown, Vice President of Revenue Marketing

Kelly has spent 12 years marketing technology, including roles in corporate brand, field marketing, demand generation and marketing operations. Kelly joined conDati from SAP Concur where she held leadership positions in demand generation and regional marketing operations to help build the SMB business. During her tenure at SAP Concur she won a SiriusDecisions Demand Generation Program of the Year Award as well as a Marketing Operations Program of the Year Award.

Matt Koken

Matt Koken, Director of Software Engineering

Matt is a full stack developer with a backend focus on platform and infrastructure. His expertise in security, data science and web performance was honed during his tenure at SOASTA, and his interest in robotics has been constant since his undergraduate studies in Computer Science and Engineering.

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