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If you want to achieve a higher level of success in life, you need to be intentional–it’s not just going to happen. Start by taking advice from more than two dozen executives who credit simple daily routines for helping them rise to the top.

1. Start your day with what matters most.

“I have made it a daily practice to eat breakfast with my son. Landon and I wake up early each weekday to cook and eat breakfast together. This time together has become a favorite way to connect daily. Sometimes my son won’t stop talking. Sometimes we eat in silence. Sometimes we argue. Sometimes I set off the smoke alarm. No matter the drama, I cherish this daily ritual. This high-quality interaction grounds me to what matters most in my life, helps me snack less, and supports better decision making throughout my day by keeping my family front and center in my mind. [Also,] don’t let road trips stop you–Facetime can help keep your commitment alive and well.”

–Aaron Meyers, president and CCO of Hammer and Nails, a grooming shop for men with the brand having awarded licenses for nearly 300 shops and is working to have 250 locations open and operating by 2022

2. Look for ways to be 1 percent better every day.

“The key to building a better business or becoming a better version of yourself rests in making small, continuous improvements every single day. Instead of incorporating drastic changes in a short amount of time, focus on making something 1 percent better from the day before. That’s it, just 1 percent. It doesn’t sound like much, but those small improvements will start compounding, and that will gradually lead to the change you want. In time, you will start to see improvements in your business and in your life, and all it takes is a commitment to become just a little bit better every day.”

–Matthew Eichhorst, president of Expedia CruiseShipCenters, North America’s largest retail travel agency franchise, which opened 25 new franchise locations with 1,773 new vacation consultants in 2017

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