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AI and Machine Learning for Marketing Decision Makers

 At conDati we apply AI and Machine Learning algorithms to build analytic solutions that transform massive volumes of customer, event, and transaction data into accessible dashboards, alerts and automatic reports. We are on a mission to provide Marketing executives and hands-on marketers with the comprehensive and real-time visibility, predictive models, and science-based recommendations they need to maximize Marketing’s contribution to business success.

Understanding at Your Fingertips


Collect & Blend

Create a unified data asset from all of your most important marketing systems.

  • Revenue, cost, and goal conversions from every channel, campaign & source
  • Kept forever

Visibility & Control

Pre-built dashboards and reports that display results, forecasts, and recommendations.

  • Current, period-to-date, and comparative performance
  • Combined reporting across all campaigns & sources, and drill into any campaign or source
  • Constantly Updated

Forecasting Models

Advanced machine learning models forecast revenue and campaign performance.

  • Early visibility into revenue results for strategic planning
  • Detect real-time performance anomalies and long-term performance trends

Revenue Optimization

Detailed understanding of campaign ROI for marketing operations.

Fine-tune budget allocations based on forecasted campaign performance:

  • By time
  • By geo
  • By customer target
  • By channel & platform

Make Smarter Marketing Decisions, Faster

Actual results-to-date combined with machine learning generated forecast gives early visibility to year-end revenue.

Transaction Revenue Forecast

Choose the time and day of week with the best results to launch campaigns.
Shift resources from lowest conversion rate times to highest conversion rate times.

Spending Recommendations by Day and Time

See which days of the year will yield the best and worst conversion rates.
“Costly” days give the worst conversion rate; days with high Conversion rate
by low volume have “Potential” with more budget behind them.

Conversion Rate Yearly

Comparing forecasts with actuals reveals real-time operating anomalies that require attention and remediation.

Change Detection

Machine-learning models extract long-term trends (upper right)
from revenue data (upper left) that would otherwise be invisible
due to weekly and seasonal patterns (lower left & lower right).

Revenue Trends & Seasonality

Share boardroom-quality visual reports with your team, executives and board with ease from any device.  On-demand reports created with a single click. Standard reports automatically sent daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. Automatically be alerted to new reports via email, Slack or text.


conDati Aggregated Reporting

How it Works

No more siloed data. Now you have a single source of truth for your campaign performance.

How it Works

Discount Dance Supply Uses conDati to Detect & React to Anomalies Before They Become Problems



Pepperdine University Streamlines Marketing Reporting for More Effective Campaigns at Less Cost

Using conDati’s ability to collect, aggregate, and analyze data from Pepperdine’s most important marketing, financial, and student-tracking systems, the University has new insights into seasonality and for the first time can compare the performance of the schools’ varied marketing efforts.

Solution Report Pepperdine University


Revenue Forecasting for Marketing Teams: What is it Good For?

Discover why accurately implementing revenue forecasting into your marketing campaign can increase revenue and decrease stale campaigns.

Are you using multiple Martech tools to collect and manage data about your marketing campaigns?

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