Turn your digital marketing data into profit

Get paid media optimization recommendations prioritized by revenue impact using Quant Marketer’s Prescriptive Analytics Engine

Redirect Weak Spend to High Performers
Redirect Weak Spend to High Performers
Redirect Weak Spend to High Performers

How Would Your Workday Change If…

You knew exactly what to optimize for the highest return.

Quant Marketer’s prescriptive analytics engine analyzes your customer acquisition campaigns and shows you what to act on to improve performance. Optimizations are then grouped and prioritized from highest to lowest financial upside so you know where to focus your efforts for the highest impact.

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You could easily optimize campaigns against revenue goals.

The era of optimizing toward any old conversion is gone. Ensuring demand generation activities are driving revenue is paramount. Quant Marketer allows you to choose transactions or a leading revenue indicator such as MQL, SQL, Opportunity, or Lead Score for its prescriptive analytics engine to optimize against.

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A Winning Combination of Digital Marketing and Data Analytics Expertise

Two of the most common challenges for digital marketing teams are 1) an overwhelming amount of siloed performance data and 2) difficulty knowing where to focus efforts for the highest impact. And B2B marketers have the added headache and complexity of having to tie demand generation efforts to offline sales revenue!

Getting performance and growth marketing right requires both amazing analytical skills to gather, clean, organize, and visualize campaign performance data (above and beyond ordinary reporting) and digital marketing domain expertise to interpret the results and determine what to do to improve performance. This powerful combination can be found in Quant Marketer.

The tedious data crunching is done for you by Quant Marketer’s prescriptive analytics engine, a valuable tool for data-driven decision-making. Marketing expertise is embedded in the engine where short- and long-term performance data is compared against various metrics (e.g., KPIs, trends, computed benchmarks) and ad platform settings to produce explicit directives that not only show you how to meet your financial performance goals but shows you what to focus on first, second, third, etc. The result is Continuous Intelligence with Prioritized Actions that you can view and act on anytime. Not plain old reporting, where you have to infer what’s happening and decide what to do next. Not a messy list of recommendations with no logical way to understand the impact.

Get explicit optimization directives, prioritized for revenue impact

Prescriptive Analytics Engine
Prescriptive Analytics Engine
Automated Decision Engine tailored to your goals

Quant Marketer combines current and historical performance data, computed cohort benchmarks, goals set by you, and explainable AI as inputs to its prescriptive analytics engine.

Digital Marketing Expertise

The prescriptive analytics engine automates the data analysis process and logical decision sequence an expert digital marketer would use to fully optimize their paid media.

Automated Decision Engine tailored to your goals

Continuous intelligence, including directives prioritized by financial impact, is output from the prescriptive analytics engine to views within the Quant Marketer platform.

See Higher Returns Faster with Continuous Intelligence

With Quant Marketer you get prioritized campaign optimization directives that are aligned to revenue goals… Available anytime.

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