Turn your digital marketing data into profit

Turbocharge PPC optimization and boost returns with Condati Quant Marketer, AI-driven digital marketing automation.
Redirect Weak Spend to High Performers
Redirect Weak Spend to High Performers
Redirect Weak Spend to High Performers

How Would Your Workday Change If…

You could make optimization decisions in seconds.

Condati Quant Marketer evaluates interrelated KPIs against performance over previous months to determine what’s happening, and why, and shows you through alerts, actions, and indicators what you should act on to improve PPC performance.

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You could increase revenue
without spending more.

Unlike ad platform recommendations that overlook budget restrictions, Condati Quant Marketer tells you exactly what to do to make campaigns more profitable. It helps you minimize wasted spend and redirect your budget for higher ROAS.

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Let Quant Marketer do the tedious data crunching for you

The common challenge for digital marketing teams is one of data. Because of its ever-changing and growing nature, it takes time and expertise to discover and understand areas of opportunity and find stealthy poor performance hidden in its depths. It makes optimization for financial performance fragmented, manual, and tedious. With so many levers available in ad platforms it can be overwhelming. Condati Quant Marketer tells you what to focus on and when so you can feel confident in the actions you are taking and can move on to your next task quickly.

Get explicit optimization directives to improve performance

Condati Digital Marketing Automation
Condati Digital Marketing Automation
Digital Marketing Expertise

Condati Quant Marketer automates the decision process an expert digital marketer would use to fully optimize for highest possible yield given all the time they need.

Automated Decision Engine tailored to your goals

The automated decision engine combines explainable AI, current and historical performance data, and goals set by you to provide directives tailored to your business.

Automated Decision Engine tailored to your goals

Directives are displayed in the form of alerts, actions, and indicators to show you what you should pay attention to and what you should do for improved performance.

Streamline your PPC optimization process

Get more PPC optimizations done in a day to see higher returns faster with Condati Quant Marketer AI-driven digital marketing automation.

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