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NYMA Meetup

How AI-driven Analytics Can Improve Your Marketing Campaign ROI

Meetup: New York City - July 10
Connie Quach, conDati VP of Products will be the guest speaker July 10 at the New York Marketing Association meetup.
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Marketing Decisions With Insight

Real-time Insights


Access and share immediate insights across multiple siloed marketing systems.


Integrate and Predict


Machine learning models provide forecasts for metrics such as revenue, cost, traffic, and transactions, and send alerts when actual results diverge.


Improve Marketing Performance


Get campaign and digital marketing recommendations validated by data science to balance revenue optimization and cost reduction.

Campaign Performance

Campaign Performance

Evaluate campaigns on any dimension: performance to plan, comparison vs. history, comparison vs. each other. View as stack-ranks, time overlays, or heat maps.

Campaign Optimization

Campaign Optimization

Understand the contribution that each campaign makes to overall business performance. Evaluate scenarios to identify the highest-ROI combination of campaigns, channels, market segments, and strategies.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection

Real-time alerts to unusual changes in your online activities. conDati understands your normal and seasonal patterns in ad bidding and site activity, and notifies you immediately to out-of-bounds behavior.

Real-time Dashboards

Real-Time Dashboards

Aggregate data to understand results of all your campaigns across all your data silos. Identify over- and under-performance. Compare to prior periods, to each other, and to forecasts.

Reports and Alerts

Reports and Alerts

Intuitive visualizations to answer key marketing questions across different systems and between functional groups. Compare results versus forecasts, this period versus prior period, and campaigns against each other.

Marketing Operations

Marketing Operations

Real-time views of campaign launches let you make sure everything is going according to plan - or catch problems and fix them before it's too late.

Customer Discount Dance Supply

“conDati’s prediction capability will let us track and review revenue performance every day – or every hour or minute, if we want to. We can quantify the revenue and profit trade-offs of discounts and promotions — and for the first time ever, we’ll be able to see the impact on our revenue of events in the supply chain, and even of actions by competitors.”

CTO, Discount Dance Supply

Solution Report Discount Dance Supply Sets Holiday Revenue Record


REAL-time revenue tracking

Discount Dance Supply is a mid-sized e-tailer, with multiple customer segments and multiple channels. conDati applied machine learning algorithms to DDS’ historical data to create a seasonally-adjusted day-by-day revenue forecast, complete with alerts to show unexpected performance, both positive and negative. DDS can now directly measure the revenue and profit trade-offs of accelerating sales through holiday specials — down to the level of returning vs. new customers. The team can also quantify the direct impact on sales and customers of  events outside of Sales and Marketing — including campaigns by competitors.

Are you using multiple martech tools to collect and manage data about your marketing campaigns?


campaign roi comparisons

Pepperdine University’s undergraduate college and 4 graduate & professional schools comprise a total student population of nearly 8,000. Each of the 5 schools has its own marketing staff, budget, strategy, systems and tools. The schools track a number of metrics — some common and some unique. Comparing the effectiveness of different campaigns — or of the same type of campaign, in different years, or to different populations — even within a single school is a difficult, mostly manual process. Across multiple schools, the number of systems and amount of data make it almost impossible.

Using conDati’s ability to collect, aggregate, and synchronize data from all of Pepperdine’s most important marketing, financial, and student-tracking systems, for the first time the University will be able to compare the performance of the schools’ varied marketing efforts: financially, and in terms of their success within their target student populations … aka, their most important customers.

Solution Report Pepperdine University
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